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Lana Del Rey on the cover of Fashion Magazine’s September issue.


Saturday morning… Huh, wonderful morning… You get up, turned on TV, on TV was MTV you get your coffee and went on balcon. Such a fresh morning. You finished your coffee, took cute red dress, Christian Louboutin’s shoes, and went to shop. You took all what you needed, but someone touch your back. You turned around and saw him. He was buying bread. 

He: “Hello!”

You: “Good morning. :)”

He: “So, what are you doing today?”

You: “Nothing, I am completely free. What about you?”

He: “Me too, I thought we could go for a walk.”

You: “Sure, just to leave these stuff at home.”

He: “Okay, let’s go.”

You two went first to your flat, then to his. You were very surprised when you saw how close you two were leaving. He asked you to show you town, you accepted. You went everywhere, and it was pretty amazing. You two had lunch at one restoraunt. It was very beautiful. You two camed home with a smile on your faces and said that you want repeat it. Days were going, and you two have seen each other almost every day. One day was very special day. You two went on dinner at restoraunt, when he…

Sorry girl for such a small fifth part, I promise sixth will be longer. Hope you’ll like it. Thanks for reading.

Love, Cath.



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